Must Have Mods

Hey! BibiSimsie here! I decided to create a document stating all of the mods I have in my mods folder. It doesn’t mean I have them all in my game at the same time, otherwise my game wouldn’t be able to start up. So, use these with caution. I will link the websites so click on the words that are blue, alright? Here is a link on how to download mods:

Let’s begin!


Main Mods

Mc Command Center


To begin, we start with the mothers of all mods, Mc Command Center. It does basically everything, you can adjust your so much of your settings by clicking on the Mc Command Center bubble when you click on your sims computer or tablet. Or you can use simple cheats on your sims by clicking Mc Command bubble after you clicked on your sim. You can also click on the mailbox and a different set of cheats appear as well.  I strongly recommend this one!

Wicked Whims (18+)


Wicked Whims is essentially the motherlode of sexy cheats. If you’re not satisfied with ye old regular Woohoo, then Wicked Whims will do the trick. It allows young adult/teen relationships just as MCCC does, and it allows incest as well. Once you open the page then you will see further down, that there are animations, which is where the fun comes in. Without animations wicked whims isn’t really fun, per se, you can continue with regular woohoo but animations bring realism and kinky fun to the game. You can browse and download which ones you want; it is NSFW which means 18+ content, so you will have to create an account before downloading. I strongly suggest not looking at the animations in the family living room or while your kids are around you (take the warning seriously!).

UI Cheats Extension


Just like MCCC I recommend the UI Cheats to everyone, because it’s very convenient and also helps with storylines. This mod allows you to fill the selected sims needs to whatever measure you want. If you want to make their bladder completely full (because we all know how fast it goes down) then you can, if you want to make the sims pee themselves, they can. It makes killing sims a lot easier too, just drain their hunger and there you go. Another neat thing about UI Cheats is that you can delete the current moodlet by right clicking it. If your teen sim is very happy then suddenly becomes tense, sad or angry because of mood swings then you can right click the negative moodlet and it vanishes, just like that.

Gameplay Mods

Become a Sorcerer

This mod is great if you’ve been wanting to do a little more something with your gameplay and it helps a lot with story-telling. Your sim can become a sorcerer if they interact with clay and you can make your sims gain the skill of dark arts or light arts. It’s a really interesting mod, and fun to have. I currently do not have this in my mods folder because I’m not using it and it is a heavy mod to have.

Road to Fame Mod


The Road to Fame mod is about creating your sims their own Simstagram and gaining the modelling skill. Your sims can gain publicity and also have paparazzi surrounding them always. Its an extremely creative and fun mod because it adds interactions, such as, hugging fans, signing autographs, answering paparazzis questions, and more.

Extreme Violence Mod + Torture and Chaos Mod (+18)

These mods are perfect if you’ve always wanted to make a serial killer sim. There are added interactions on ways to kill, becoming partners in crime and also, murderous toddlers. The Extreme Violence is more realistic with the killings as opposed to Torture and Chaos. EV allows you to murder sims, stalk them and bully them as well, your sim can also become a famous killer. T&C allows you to kill sims in unique ways, such as drowning in a pavement or setting them on fire. Unfortunately, T&C have not been updated for the cats and dogs patch but EV has.

Basemental Drugs Mod


If drugs are needed in your stories, then this is the place to find it. This mod allows you to meet up with drug dealers (it can be any sim, I got Bella Goth to be mine), buy drugs from build mode, buy pipes and so many other things. This is not limited to just one drug, it has many other types, with more risks that you can buy. Your sim can get addicted and can die from a possible overdose, it’s the best thing to happen to drug dealing storylines! Your sims can also plant cannabis (weed plant) and become a drug dealer themselves. I don’t have this in my mods folder either because it’s a pretty heavy mod, and it’s good to have it in your folder only when you’re using it.

Drink, Drank, Drunk


This mod lets your sims party hard- well, mellow. They get drunk every time they drink alcohol and depending on which package you download, it can last for certain amount of hours. It is kind of limiting because it only gives the dazed moodlet and not all people get dazed/happy drunk when they drink so it depends on your character’s storyline. Nonetheless, it is pretty good. I will give a heads up and say that this mod is not updated with the Pets Expansion pack.

Andrew’s Pose Player + Teleport Any Sim


This mod is a multi-download, which means to have one its best to have the other to make it easier. This mod is best for story-telling and also if you want to take a cute picture of your Sim you can make them pose. The directions are in the link. This mod is updated and just like Wicked Whims, you have to download poses in order to have more of a variety. I’ll link great sites I download poses from. The poses do pile up so it’s best to create a separate folder to add and remove poses you don’t use. *The best website* (400+ pages of goodness)

 No Zzz


This isn’t a mod you need to have but it is a mod that is very useful to me when I take screenshots for my story-telling. I personally hate the Zzz’s when sims sleep so I thought I’d share it with you guys.

Fall + Winter Mod


The Fall and winter mods are two separate mods that should not be in your mod folders at the same time. It does bring a taste of seasons since we have yet to get a seasons pack. The trees become red, orange, and yellow with the fall mod. And the trees become covered with snow with the winter mod. There are no interactions with this mod so it is pleasing just for the eyes.

Lighting/CAS Mods

CAS Lighting Overhaul

cas overhaul.PNG

This mod is straight forward, it gives better lighting in Create a Sim mode. There are four options to choose from and you can only download one. I currently have the Neutral which is good for my taste, I have tried the overexposed and I personally didn’t like it. When I made my sim wear white, it was extremely blinding and I couldn’t work with it. But, to each their own. I’d suggest trying Rendered first, and then if its too much, you can downgrade or if its too little, then upgrade.



This lighting mod allows your sims game to have a neutral, brighter setting, as opposed to EA’s dark and blue-ish tones. You download it like any other mod, and if you want more explanation then you can find it on the page, but that’s all it really does, add better lighting to the game. It enhances your pictures if you post or share your stories (I do, so this is a blessing).

CAS Overhaul V2


Don’t be confused by the name, the CAS Lighting Overhaul and CAS Overhaul are two different things. The first focuses mainly on the lighting, and the second focuses on the background and a bit of the lighting. You can customize your sims CAS background and add images if you like. A second part to this mod is called ‘The blob remover’, I’ve seen many people commenting on the post regarding it and they haven’t received any replys, so I will attach the file (unless I’m told otherwise) I have to this document. (It might be outdated, I’m not too sure).

Blob Remover File->!ArIOcacWMP3ecgRIeIdFBEmgB_A (OneDrive, no adfly)

More CAS Columns


This mod gives more CAS columns than the two EA provides. It allows you to have up to four columns, you can only have one type in your file. I have had the three columns because four was too wide and I couldn’t scroll down, though I think it’s just my laptop because I have seen youtubers with four columns and work well with it. Either way, it’s faster to find things when you see more items at a time.

100+ More Traits


This link leads you to an article that has more than 100 traits linked to it. For those who have updated and have Pets, it’s best to be cautious, because with the new update, many of the traits do not work. However, some creators have updated their traits so you would have to double-check when you open the link to see which patch the traits have been updated to.

Sims (somewhat CC) Mods

Pucker Up Lips (Default)


This is sort of custom content, but not really, because it changes every sims lips. Default means it changes all of the sims, no matter if you created them or not, it becomes the default setting of the game (it doesn’t break anything, I promise). It makes the lips have a more natural tinge and shape versus what EA created. For some reason EA gives their sims natural dark lips but with this mod it removes it and in my opinion, it looks better. If you like what EA has, then you can remove the package from the folder, or simply, not download it at all.

Default Skin by LUUMIA


If you have downloaded Wicked Whims, then this skin is perfect for you. It adds a more humph to the body, as well as having more body hair. It adds nipples to the females and more body mass to the men. I’d say this website is 14+, because there are thumbnails of breasts (sims version) and links to see how it would look on your sims, in the nude. However, if you open the link I have attached, you will see that to add the body enhancements it is a second part to download, so don’t worry about sims showing up naked. It’s only the skin colour and texture that is default.

EA Teeth Begone!


This mod/cc gives every sim natural looking teeth as opposed to the rigid, one size teeth EA has. There are more types of teeth you can download (I only have two more) but they aren’t default. I love that this gives a hint more of realism to the game so I always have it in my mods folder.

Summer Skeleton Default Skin by Pyxis Sims


This skin is optional to have as default or as a skin detail, I added only skin detail, and it works well with Luumia’s default skin and bod-e II. If you don’t want your sims to look all the same, then skin details are best because they are optional and you can remove it from your sims if you don’t like it. However, if you have 50 types of skin details, like me, and you really would want this as your skin default, I would suggest choosing this skin default, and just adding Luumia’s bod-e II.

Are We Electric Default Skin by Pyxis Sims


Here is another default skin in case none of the two others were your cup of coffee (no tea for me). Very straight-forward as well, either download the default or the skin detail.


CC/Mod Cleaning (Does NOT need to be in Mods Folder)

Sims 4 Studio


Sims4Studio allows you to view your contents and if you want to select each individual item and delete it. This is super good when removing CC you didn’t like after download or broken cc. You will have to create an account in order to access it and download. The studio can help with batch fixes, and allows you to merge your files together so you can have 800 package files, turn into 1. It makes your game run smoother and also have your folders be more organized.

Mod Conflict Detector


The Mod Conflict Detector helps track and show any mods that are broken, needs unpacking, wrong game file (Sims 3 or 2 file) or duplicate files. It is extremely useful when cleaning out your mods and cc folder.